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What is the procedure to uninstall BirdieSync ?

If you don't want to have your items categories (cards, events, tasks or mails) still selected in ActiveSync/WMDC options when you reinstall BirdieSync later:
- Synchronize your mobile
- Uncheck categories in ActiveSync/WMDC options
- Disconnect your mobile

To uninstall BirdieSync:

- Close Thunderbird and/or Sunbird
- Launch BirdieSync uninstaller
- Launch Thunderbird and/or Sunbird to remove BirdieSync extension in the current profile (the extension will be automatically removed, you don't need to do particular operation)
- Manually uninstall BirdieSync on your mobile.

If you don't want to still have BirdieSync categories showing in ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center options, then you must delete the partnership with your mobile device.

Note: If your are under Windows Mobile 5.0 and get an error while uninstalling BirdieSync on the mobile, please refer to this page.