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A big thank you to all the BirdieSync users who spontaneously wrote nice words in their e-mails regarding BirdieSync and its customer service. Here is a selection of these comments.

Just wanted to say thank you for all of your efforts to make this software so streamlined and user-friendly. I was quite impressed during the 21 day trial period with the relative ease of syncing my PocketPC with Thunderbird and Lightning, and would gladly recommend this program to all my colleagues.

Michael I.

Thanks for a simple but very reliable product. When I plug my phone into the computer to charge I can be confident that it will have synchronized successfully when I collect it for work in the morning. A great and far more reliable alternative to the standard Outlook/Outlook Express set up that most Phone/PDA providers promote. Thanks also for being quick off the mark to provide plug in updates as soon new versions of Thunderbird are released to ensure that I stay up to date, thanks again Mat

Mat Lambeth
United Kingdom

Before retiring I worked for 30 years as an engineer at several major software firms. BirdieSync is so elegant and well implemented -- they should all have such great programmers and support as you!
Thank you for creating this wonderful utility!

Deborah Early

Thank you and please continue your development of a very fine product. I really appreciate it and I know others do to. Additionally, I will try to spread the word about your product so that you receive the money you deserve.

Dustin H. Allen

I love Birdiesync - I found it after acquiring a Vista Laptop where the Outlook distributed with my mobile cannot run. So I quickly googled and found BirdieSync, I am impressed. I am already lobbying my colleagues and friends to dump Outlook and use BirdieSync instead ;-) [...] I always preferred Thunderbird (Netscape User since Version 0.97), so I am very happy with BirdieSync - well done!
BirdieSync really is the tool every road warrior *must* have, it brings the use into the (per se already fantastic) Mozilla stuff and arises it to "enterprise grade" communication tools.
You really rock! Great Product, great support. I wish you all the best, may Callicia and BirdieSync grow and prosper!

P. S.

Amazing programme!!
I am a roving academic so use a number of computers - BirdieSync allows me to keep my life and my work together wherever I am. An amazing program with better functionality and greater usability than the other products I have tried - including Microsoft!

Lee Salter
United Kingdom

Very good soft, stable, efficient, easy to use and configure !
I still use BirdieSync which accommodated to 2 different PDAs, the different updates of Thunderbird and Lightning and a couple of installations of Windows and I never lost a contact or an appointment. (translated from French)

Nicolas Ulysse

I would like to thank you for your efforts to create this fine extension. I use it at the office [...] So, keep up the good work, it's worth every Euro-cent (since we don't have pennies over here)..

The Netherlands

Birdiesync saved me a lot of hassle - it just works.
I'm happy with this software, thanks for writing it.

Trent Reschny

The price is more than reasonable. For me the importance of birdiesync is more crucial: without birdiesync i could not afford to switch to thunderbird and sunbird [...] I would like to see birdiesync at the first introductory pages of mozilla messaging.
Keep up the good job, your product is excellent

Viktor Dorfler
United Kingdom

Works perfect. Thanks again for creating a product that actually works as advertised.

Heinz B.

I'll take the change to say just how excellent, and useful your software has been to me!

Adrian Collins
United Kingdom

After trying BirdieSync, I registered and now I can use Birdie free as a bird !
Thanks for this software, it really simplify my everyday life. It works fine with my Samsung i900 / WM 6.1 so it's perfect.

Julien Gresse

There is already an open source alternative, but nothing as polished as this. [...] I will undoubtedly buy your product.

B. Williams

Great software! Saved my life, and solved a long-time Pocket PC limitation of Microsoft vendor and tool lock-in.

Corbin H. Links

I am very impressed with this application. I even recommended it to a friend.

Michael Clark

Thanks again and congratulations for your product.
[...] thanks to BirdieSync, I can fully use Mozilla tools and my Pocket PC. (translated from French)

Christophe Chailloleau

I love the product, it is very useful and extremely well-polished.

Patrick Turcotte

Your software is amazing, but your customer service is even better.

Dustin H. Allen

You should know, seeing support help like this has made my decision to make the purchase of this software when the trial period runs out. Thanks for all the amazing and patient help!

Jonathan Ackerman

I must express gratitude you a lot for the speed and the courtesy that you have demonstrated to me in the answers: and indeed i am satisfied of your product and your attendance.

Disma Vittorio cerruti

You guys rock. Your tech support is top notch.

Steve Clark

I work in computer engineering. I don't regret having bought a BirdieSync license and am very pleasantly surprised by your support and professionalism. Sometimes we pay a far higher price and have less in term of software and support. (translated from French)

Yann Dupé

Thank you for your patience and guidance. [...] Thank you for the helpful and speedy advice with my problem.

Ted Skemp

Thanks for the superb support. It works perfectly and I'm delighted. I really appreciate the quick response.

Stephen C.

Tks a lot for your support. Money for this software was well spent.

Paolo B.

Thank you very much for your unbelievably quick answer which solved the problem.

Sebastian M.

Thanks again for the support and the very prompt replies, its been greatly appreciated.

Leigh Nomchong

I wanted to congratulate you for the quality of the software but above all for the support that you provide ! The investment is really justified ! (translated from French)


Thank you for your quick and efficient support... A good advertisement for support centers!!! (translated from French)

Matthieu Hochart

I thank you for your advices. BirdieSync support is impeccable. (translated from French)

Alexis Thomas

Congratulations ! Again, quick and efficient support for this great software. (translated from French)

Christophe Thirache

BirdieSync has a great customer service. Bravo. (translated from French)

D. S.

Many thanks for your help. You did the best support I have I find out about. I can recommended your support and your software birdiesync.