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I cannot select cards, events, tasks or mails in ActiveSync/WMDC options.

If the "cards", "events", "tasks" or "mails" categories are grayed out in ActiveSync/WMDC options, that could mainly come from three reasons.

The first one is that your mobile device is still "application locked" (this is usually the case for Smartphones).
Please check out this page if you want to check that your mobile device is "application locked".
Or this page if you want to "application unlock" it.

The second one is that BirdieSync is not properly installed on your mobile device (you should normally see an alert raising from the taskbar if it is the case). In that case, you should fully reinstall BirdieSync.

The third reason, is that for some particular reason, ActiveSync didn't properly load BirdieSync mobile part (that can happen after a new installation). In that case, you may try to soft reset (reboot) your mobile device. Then reconnect it.

If you think that this could be related to another reason, please contact support [at] with a log archive built with "Tools/BirdieSync/Archive logs..." while your mobile is still connected.