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How do I "application unlock" my mobile device ?

In order to run properly, BirdieSync 1.x needs an unlocked mobile. Note that it is no longer required with BirdieSync 2.0. Actually, each device can have its own security policy. If the majority of Pocket PC are very permissive (unsigned applications are allowed to execute with sometimes a warning displayed to the user), very often, Smarphones are locked and don't allow execution of privileged application. One of the reasons of this security policy is to protect the mobile from malwares. So be aware about it if you decide to unlock your mobile. You do this manipulation at your own risk ! Nonetheless, a lot of "good" applications are not signed and some of them require an unlocked mobile to run properly.

If your mobile is locked, you will not be able to select the categories of items that you want to synchronize (cards, events or tasks) in the ActiveSync options window: there will be no check boxes beside the name of these categories.

If you want to unlock your Smartphone, there are several options:

The operator:

The unlocking can be provided by your Operator. But be careful. The term"unlocked" is very unprecise. For instance, the tool provided by Orange to unlock some mobiles doesn't really perform a full unlock and is rather for development purpose. You must contact your operator to get more information.

A signed utility

For some mobile, it is possible to find a dedicated tool on the net which simply unlock your mobile. It is the case for instance for the HTC Meteor. This little tool is signed with a certificate which is present on the mobile you want to unlock. As the certificates can be different on the mobiles, this unlocking tool will not work with all of them.
Check out forum to get more information on your mobile

You may also try to look for SDA_ApplicationUnlock on the net. This tool seems to work with a lot of different models of mobile devices.

A signed registry editor

You can use a signed registry editor. Like previously, this registry editor must be signed with a certificate present on the mobile you want to unlock. That's why a particular signed registry editor will not automatically work on a given mobile if the right certificate is not present.
Check out forum to get more information on your mobile

You may also look for regeditSTG (or regeditSTG2 for more recent mobile devices) on the net. This signed registry editor seems to work especially for HTC mobile devices.

Here are the values which could be set in the mobile registry to unlock your mobile:


00001005: 16 (to allow installation of unsigned applications)
00001006: 1 (to allow the launch of unsigned applications)
0000101a: 1 (to avoid prompting for unsigned applications)
0000101b: 1 (to allow execution of privileged unsigned applications)

If one of this value is missing (0000101a or 0000101b for instance), you must create it with a REG_DWORD type.

You should then soft reset your mobile to have your modifications taken into account.