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How can I import my data from Outlook to Thunderbird ?

Regarding the import of cards, events or tasks, the best way would be to synchronize them from the mobile device with BirdieSync. Actually, it's possible to use the "import from Outlook" functionality in Thunderbird or Sunbird, but sometimes, the import of Outlook appointments with this tool can lead to unresolved items during the synchronization because of incorrect definitions of the events.

Regarding the import of mails, it is recommended to directly use Thunderbird import tool (menu "Tools/Import...").

To import your contacts, appointments or tasks:

- Use your mobile as the reference for your contacts, appointments and tasks (after an Outlook synchronization for instance).
- Backup your mobile device data with a tool like PPCPimBackup (mandatory if you have a Windows Mobile 6.x device)
- Delete ActiveSync partnership (if you mobile device is under Windows Mobile 6.x, please read this topic: you must backup your data with a tool like PPCPimBackup because these items will be removed when you delete ActiveSync partnership).
- If you have a Windows Mobile 6.x mobile device, restore your data with PPCPimBackup
- Empty your address book and your calendar in Thunderbird or Sunbird (do a copy or a backup of these data)
- Synchronize your mobile choosing the COMBINE option (not the "REPLACE" one) if you are under Windows XP during the establishment of the new partnership so that all your data are transfered to Thunderbird or Sunbird