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How can I identify unresolved items ?

The "Unresolved items" message indicates that some items (cards, events, ...) could not be synchronized. That can come from several reasons.

Modification on both sides

Under Windows XP, the usual one is that you modified a same item on the mobile AND on the desktop before doing the synchronization. In that case, if you click on the link "unresolved items" in the ActiveSync window, you will be asked to choose which item (mobile or desktop) you want to keep.

Simultaneous synchronization with Outlook on the same machine

Another possibility is that on the same PC, you kept synchronizing the same kind of items (contacts, appointments, ...) with Outlook in ActiveSync. That could cause interferences and lead to unresolved items. Generally, these unresolved items can disappear after the launch of several synchronizations. In that case, the solution is to unselect synchronization with Outlook items (contacts, calendar, tasks or e-mails) in ActiveSync options window or in the Windows Mobile Device Center (menu Mobile Device Settings/Change Content Sync Settings).

Specific problem with one event

A more problematic other reason, is that an error occurred during the synchronization of particular items. It generally means that these items have incompatibility between Thunderbird and Pocket Outlook. Generally Thunderbird is more permissive than Pocket Outlook regarding the definition of events: for instance it accepts deleted or modified occurrences whose dates are posterior to the date of the recurrence end. Pocket Outlook is more restrictive and doesn't accept them. They are often very particular cases. Here are some of them:

- The date of one modified or deleted occurrence is prior to the start date of the series or posterior to the end date of the series
- The date of a modified or deleted occurrence doesn't follow the recurrence rule (a Monday for instance while the recurrence is "every Sunday")
- An event which has a duration greater than 31 days is synchronized on a Windows Mobile 2003 device
- A modified occurrence have his date overlapping with another occurrence

It could also come from restrictions with the Google calendar provider.

If you want to identify these unresolved items, you can build the log archive with "Tools/BirdieSync/Archive logs...".
Then have a look to the following archived logs:


You should then be able to find a precise description of the items which have a problem.

If you don't succeed in analyzing the logs, please send the log archive to support [at]