Release of BirdieSync beta 25 (Thunderbird 38.x)

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Release of BirdieSync beta 25 (Thunderbird 38.x)

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I'm very happy to announce that BirdieSync 3.0 is now available in beta version ! :-) It offers a new Synchronization Engine as well as a new User Interface. It provides more powerful synchronization features and flexible and easier configuration.

Support of new version of Thunderbird

- Support of Thunderbird 38.x and embedded Lightning 4.0.

New synchronization engine:

- Mobile devices can be synchronized independently from Thunderbird
- It's possible to synchronize with Thunderbird installed on a remote PC
- Synchronization operations can be previewed before they are performed
- Connection to BirdieSync server can be automatic
- Address book and calendar names and colors are now synchronized
- In case of conflicts, the differences between the items is displayed
- At first synchronization, identical items present on both devices don't need to be transfered to get synchronized
- At first synchronization, in case of problem, the synchronization resumes where it was stopped to avoid creating duplicates

New configuration:

- Configuration is now easier and centralized in one place in BirdieSync
- Different synchronization settings can be selected for each device and user
- It's possible to preview the content of an address book or calendar
- Address books or calendars with different names can be synchronized together
- Mobile devices can be synchronized in read only mode
- Thunderbird content can be replaced with mobile devices one
- Address book and calendars can be shared between different users
- Virtual address books and calendars can be mapped to either the whole mobile device, accounts or groups
- Android drivers installed on the PC can be listed
- IP addresses of the server are listed and detailed
- Guides are available to help you install or configure BirdieSync

New User Interface:

- The User Interface was redesigned
- A toolbar is present in Thunderbird to launch synchronization
- History entries have different colors for more clarity
- Alerts are unobstrusive

And more...

Consult this link for more information about new features in BirdieSync 3.0:

See how to install BirdieSync 3.0 beta:

Beta updates:

To update to the lastest version of the beta, open BirdieSync menu "Help/Check for update" and install the newest version.

Version 25 fixes:

- If several items in a folder have identical identifiers, it now leads to failures
- If the identifier of an item created by synchronization already exists, it now leads to a failure
- Server could crash while initializing
- If items are considered as similar but not identical, traces are added to list the differences
- Configuration dump now includes source folders

Version 24 fixes:

- BirdieSync Help documentation is now available with menu "Help/Help..."

- With iPhone, if synchronization was cancelled in the middle of synchronization, restarting the synchronization could lead to an unexpected error
- If a failure occurred because an item could not be read, asking for the item deletion could make BirdieSync crash
- When an item is requested to be deleted, the failure is now removed from the list
- On Windows Mobile devices, reducing the synchronization period in the past didn't filter events properly
- In case of event conflicts, different start and end dates were not be displayed properly
- A previous version of adb used with HTC devices was not identified

Version 23 fixes:

- Server could crash if a source was disconnected in the middle of a declaration.
- In case of specific hard disks, Thunderbird connection to server could lead to an unexpected error.
- A link to check for update was added in error messages to see if a more recent version is available.

Version 22 fixes:

- Windows mobile devices could take a very long time to connect in case of numerous mail folders

Version 21 fixes:

- When preparing synchronization or looking for duplicates, content progress bar now shows the advancement of this intermediary phase (especially usefull when combining items).
- It is now possible to immediately stop synchronization in the "preparation" phase.
- It is now possible to select a row in the History or in the Operations preview
- A specific error message is now displayed if Android device is connected while being in Recovery mode.
- "Getting started" screen now introduces "No group" folder.

- Server could crash if source was disconnected while synchronizing
- Server could crash while connecting an Android device
- Synchronization status is no longer set to "Ready to synchronize" after launching Thunderbird
- When Thunderbird was launched, connection to the server may not be immediately initiated
- A horizontal scrollbar is now displayed in Operations preview
- Warning about using local Phone account on Android was updated

Version 20 fixes:

- After connection and its first synchronization, next synchronizations are now quite faster
- After connection, listing address books and calendars is now quite faster
- On Android and Windows Mobile devices, if an item is modified on the mobile device while connected, synchronization should be launched if synchronization frequency is not manual
- On Windows Mobile devices, synchronization could hang
- If the same item was present in 2 group folders, the error message was missing some parameters

Version 19 fixes:

- Updating folders the first time a source was connected and declared could be slow

Version 18 fixes:

- Detailed tooltips were added for virtual folders "whole source", "accounts" and "groups" in Folder configuration
- Tooltips were added for folders existing in sources

Version 17 fixes:

- If Wi-Wi was not present on computer, server address list could be empty
- Duplicates could be removed only on one source
- More duplicates are now found on iPhone when combining
- When no content was selected, toggling the folder filter could make BirdieSync crash
- The reason of an operation could in some cases have sources inverted
- If an item was removed as a duplicated, another reason could be given for the operation
- Folders now have tooltips on name (greyed out, "No group", whole source), permission, mode and status
- Some tooltips and labels were updated

Version 16 fixes:

- The terms "Local" and "Remote" were replaced for more clarity in synchronization mode, description of operations, and installation of Thunderbird
- "Synchronization way" was replaced with "Permission"
- Tooltips were added on "Main" and "Shared" icon in list of folders
- "Synchronization" mode was removed from "Synchronization mode" menu because not presently selectable
- Set folder menu labels were slightly modified

Version 15 fixes:

- After installing new version on Windows Mobile, version was still too old

Version 14 fixes:

- User name checking when connecting from a source now ignores cases
- In case of matching errors with folders, it is now mentioned if a folder is Main or Shared

- BirdieSync server could crash at start if a folder mapping had been explicit set with "No folder" for a source
- Button focus no longer has a frame

Version 13 fixes:

This new version must also be installed on PCs with a remote Thunderbird.

- Thunderbird 38.1.0 could not connect to BirdieSync server

Version 12 fixes:

- If BirdieSync window was minimized, icon in task bar now flashes if Operations preview window wait for a confirmation

- Combining mails could crash in case of mails with important attachments
- Maximum body size and attachment size values were incorrectly taken into account
- Performances synchronizing mails were improved, especially when combining mails
- If Thunderbird mail index is out of date, an error message is now displayed advising to rebuild it
- If a mail folder could not be accessed, Thunderbird could then crash while synchronizing
- In case of error while synchronizing a mail, synchronization could block
- Synchronizing a mail with no message id could lead to an unexpected error in server
- Thunderbird could crash while synchronizing a mail
- When removing a source, server could crash
- If network connection was lost, Thunderbird could freeze
- On Windows Mobile, when combining events, some of them could be duplicated
- A javascript exception error could be displayed in Thunderbird
- French error messages in Thunderbird could have missing parameters

Version 11 fixes:

- In the Folders list view in Configuration, greyed out folders are no longer visible if the original folder existing in another source is disabled
- In the Folders list view in Configuration, a new filter button is now available and enabled by default which hides most of empty disabled folders

- If a new folder was set as Main on Android, iPhone or Windows Mobile. At next synchronization or folder refreshing, the default Main folder was selected again, causing possible configuration errors
- 2 folders could be selected as Main
- Creation of items with virtual address book "whole source" could fail on Android
- Changing the virtual folder type could take a long time
- Generic "Folders" label could be displayed in the Synchronized folders view even if a content was selected

Version 10 fixes:

- When combining an important number of events at first synchronization, BirdieSync could crash
- Preparation of synchronization when combining items at first synchronization is now significantly faster

Version 9 fixes:

If you have a Windows Mobile device, BirdieSync must be uninstalled on the mobile device (Windows start menu/Settings/System/Remove programs) before connecting

- Windows mobile device could not succeed in connecting
- If Windows mobile installation wizard was canceled, under some specific circumstances, server could crash
- On Windows Mobile 5.0+ devices, synchronization of items could fail
- In case of simultaneous synchronization of more than 2 sources, next synchronization could fail with an unexpected error
- Removing a folder in a source or changing the synchronization mode of a folder could lead to a crash at next synchronization

Version 8 fixes:

- At first installation, an error could be displayed mentioning that current session user could not be retrieved

Version 7 fixes:

- When launched on a German Windows, Thunderbird could display an error when wizard was launched, or when switching to "Remote server" in BirdieSync options.
- User configuration labels were changed to avoid any confusion when entering "User name" in BirdieSync settings on sources

Version 6 fixes:

- After installing BirdieSync on Windows Mobile device, an error could be displayed mentioning that it was not possible to create trace directory
- After installation on Windows Mobile device, wizard installation window was not automatically closed
- If an error happens during Windows Mobile installation, an error is now displayed
- If the declaration of a source was cancelled while another source was also connecting to be declared, its declaration window was not displayed
- If synchronization was stopped, the error was still displayed when starting a new synchronization
- If an error occurred launching Thunderbird, this error was still displayed when starting a new synchronization

Version 5 fixes:

- If a new source being declared was disconnected while other sources were synchronizing, it could lead to a crash
- When a source could not connect while synchronizing, archiving logs could lead to a crash
- BirdieSync could not be started because of an unnecessary dependency on msvcr100.dll
- On low resolution, "Getting started" window went out of the screen
- BirdieSync dialogs in Thunderbird can no longer be minimized or maximized

Version 4 fixes:

- In Folder mapping window, OK button could be incorrectly greyed out
- Portable Thunderbird could not be declared if no classical Thunderbird was installed on the PC
- A specific error message is now displayed if Android device is not authorized to connect via USB
- Version name was truncated in welcome page of French installer

Version 3 fixes:

- When BirdieSync was started minimized, after windows was moved, it was resized
- Window is now properly centered at startup
- On low resolution screen, window could go out of the screen at startup
- On Windows XP, Ethernet IP addresses could not be displayed
- An empty status or a special character could be displayed in the status bar
- Log archiver button to open archive is now greyed out if archive doesn't exist
- Log archiver button to open archive folder is now greyed out if the archive folder doesn't exist
- If archive doesn't exist, the Log archiver button now opens the parent folder instead of displaying the Documents folder or an error
- In Thunderbird toolbar, progress bar could extend on the left
- On Windows XP with Windows Classic theme, frames are no longer sunken

Version 2 fixes:

- After connecting a source, it was not possible to list folders

Future developments:

This new synchronization engine offers exciting possibilities of new features. Stay tuned ! :-)

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