My Wifes Mobile synchronization

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My Wifes Mobile synchronization

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Question is - my wifes mobile doesnt synchronize after update. Connects properly but then "configuration issues". Error is: "Synchronization of event calendar "[calendar]" is only enabled in source "[wifes mobile]".

Looking after that, i found that in MY account, Sources are my mobile and the "default" accout from Thunderbird. In my wifes dialogue, inly her mobile is visible. Trying to add the source default from Thunderbird (via PLUS above), i keep on getting another dialogue with birdiesync server addon for thunderbird installation. But i do have this already there. tried several times.

How do i add the "Default" from thunderbird to my wifes account?

Thanx a lot in advance


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Re: My Wifes Mobile synchronization

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Hello medsommer,

When you say "account"', did you mean "user" in BirdieSync configuration ?

In BirdieSync configuration if you created one user for yourself and one user for your wife, it's only possible to declare Thunderbird for a unique user. It's not possible to have Thunderbird declared for 2 users.

The main interest of creating several users is to isolate the contacts and events that you wish to synchronize for each user. By default, address books and calendars belonging to different users cannot be synchronized together. Also one source can only belong to a unique user. So one Thunderbird profile ("default" for instance) can only belong to one unique user.

If you wish to synchronize calendars between different users (for instance your Thunderbird calendar with your wife's calendar), you must share one of them (select a calendar in the list, then click on the gear button on the right above the calendar list and select "Share this calendar with other users").
Caution: It is not possible at the moment to share a "Main" calendar (in this case the menu is greyed out)
(you may refer to BirdieSync help (menu Help/Help) section "Configuration/Folder matching" for more information).

Let's suppose that you have a calendar called "Common" in Thunderbird (source declared under your user).
If you wish to synchronize it with "Common" calendar on your wife's mobile device (source declared under your wife's user), then you must do 2 things:
- Share the calendar "Common" in Thunderbird (select Configuration view, select Thunderbird source, select "Common" calendar and click on the gear button on the right above the calendar list and select "Share this calendar with other users")
- Enable the synchronization of calendar "Common" in Thunderbird and calendar "Common" on your wife's mobile device (set them ON)

Note that it's only necessary to create two different users if you want to isolate the synchronization of several sources which have identical address book or calendar names ("No group" address book, "My calendar", etc.)

Before any operation, I suggest you to backup your data.

Also ensure that the preview of operations before synchronization is enabled: use menu File/Preview options (the option must be checked in blue), or the "Preview operations" icon on the right of the main synchronization progress bar (the button is COLORED if the preview is enabled)

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