3 Way Syncing

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3 Way Syncing

Post by binder451 »

I have a Sony Xperia Android phone and have been syncing a local calendar with my PC using Birdie Sync.

I have now bought a Sony Xperia Z2 Android tablet and I would like to keep the tablet calendar also in sync. I can sync between the phone and PC using Birdie Sync and I could sync between phone and tablet by using a google account calendar. Can I sync all three(can i birdie sync a google calendar into T'bird?). I only intend adding events through the phone.



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Re: 3 Way Syncing

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Hello Tom,

BirdieSync can synchronize several devices with Thunderbird. But it's not possible to directly synchronize a tablet and a phone at the moment...
If you subscribe to a remote calendar (like a Google calendar) on several devices(like a phone and a tablet), it is not recommended to also synchronize this calendar with BirdieSync between the 2 devices. This is because BirdieSync is not aware that this is the same remote calendar which is subscribed. It considers the 2 calendars as distinct (one on each device) and that would create duplicates when you synchronize. So the recommendation is that if you wish to subscribe to a remote calendar, you must do it on one device, and then synchronize this calendar locally with BirdieSync on the other device. Or the other alternative is to subscribe to this calendar on each device and not synchronize it with BirdieSync.

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