Beta-Testers needed for German Translation

If you are a die-hard defender of your language and want to help translate BirdieSync, have a look at this forum...
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Beta-Testers needed for German Translation

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Dear All,

thank you very much for all of your contribution, which is the reason, we can now - I think, a little bit proud - go into the next stage:
The Beta testing!

Within the next few days, Birdy is willing to create a beta version of all your proposals and reviews and hand it to users, who are willing to contribute further-on.

We're looking for you to test, to play around, to see if our translation fits or misfits the screen, the text areas, if the variables and placeholders make sense with the surrounding text etc.
We need you as Android user, as iPhone user and as users of Windows Mobile to test and - of course to feed back any misfit, failure, spelling errors etc.

If you want to join, please leave your sign here or by PM to me so that we can contact you and provide you with further information.

Once again: thanks a lot for your effort and the work you spent.

Kind regards from Switzerland - Christoph