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Some contact fields no longer syncing between TB 102.1.2 and iOS 15.6

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2022 2:40 pm
by ChrisDriver
Windows 11
Thunderbird 102.1.2
iOS 15.6 on iPhone 8

I noticed some sync issues since upgrading Thunderbird from 91.x to 102.1.2 and BirdieSync from to

Creating a contact in either Thunderbird or iPhone without providing a birth year, causes BirdieSync to not sync the birthday information
Older versions would correctly sync the birthday, providing a placeholder year of birth as 1604
Syncing birthdays with day month and year information works correctly

Contact Photos
Contact photos are no longer synchronised between Thunderbird and iPhone
Removing a contact's photo on the iPhone does not remove the contact's photo from Thunderbird
Removing a contact's photo in Thunderbird, correctly removes the contact's photo on the iPhone