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Address Book Mapping fails

Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2022 6:21 pm
by wolfgang
Hi Birdie,

Recently, I wanted to add some address book mappings to my synchronisation setup and encountered some weird behaviour.
Before describing the details, I need to mention that BirdieSync chrashed during the procedure at a very early stage, so I don't know if the database may be corrupted now.
Originally, I had 11 specificly defined address book mappings additionally to 11 mappings automatically defined by same names and "main". This had worked well for a long time. Two of those specifically defined mappings were between a general Thunderbird address book and "main" address books of 2 cell phones.
Well, I guess I should mention too, that the user accounts of those two phones still had an old phone with euivalent mappings set up. Before adding the new mappings, I deleted these old phones from the profile. I don't remember if these old phones included some settings that helped the situation.

I wanted to add 10 more specifically defined address book mappings. Now I have the following problems:
  • When I try to add them all, BirdieSync crashes
  • When I add them bit by bit, it somewhat works
  • At a certain point of the procedure, the two mappings between Thunderbird and the "main" of 2 phones were deleted (just disapeared)
  • Adding those again leads to a crash of BirdieSync most of the time
  • I was able to add all others bit by bit - sometimes restarting BirdieSync in between - , but after a restart of the computer some of those newly added mappings have disappeared again
This is the environment:
  • Thunderbird 91.4.1 on Windows 10
  • 1st phone with issues: Sony Xperia X compact (Android 8 )
  • 2nd phone with issues: LG H812 (Android 6) - this one has all the new address books
  • 2 more phones with no issues
I would like this to work as it used to. So, I'd appreciate some help to get this back in order.

I could go back to a backup of the database if it helps. I just don't remember when I started this procedure. It's been a few days of trial. And I don't want to mess up anything that has been synchronised in the mean time.

By the way, the LG is supposed to be replaced soon. It was just a temporary replacement of the earlier (broken) phone.

Best regards,