Old Calendar Events keep getting synchronized

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Old Calendar Events keep getting synchronized

Post by mikeduncan177 »

I noticed that synchronizations had a count greater than I expected, so I ran the next one with Preview turned on. What I found was many Events from the past, that were getting re-synchronized unexpectedly.`

Here is an example from the Preview report:

Action______Content__Description_________________________________________On source___On folder_____From source_____From folder

Modification Event......2019-11-11 10:00 - 2019-11-11 11:00 Change Infusion Set...default.......Medications.....Mike iPhone XR....Medications

Reason given: The event was modified in event calendar "Medications" in source "Mike iPhone XR"

This event was created in Thunderbird (in the default profile) in the Medications calendar as a Repeating Event with an expiration date defined (repeats every 2 days). It was created in November of 2019 and has not been edited in either side since that time. So I was not expecting to see this synchronization process now.

Do you have an explanation for this behavior?
Regards, Mike
Michael Duncan

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Re: Old Calendar Events keep getting synchronized

Post by wolfgang »

I have been experiencing the same issue, since I upgraded to TB78 and BirdieSync early November.

However, it seems my devices update each other in circles. I have two instances of Thunderbird and four Android phones being synchronised. The problem seem to be the two PCs with TB under Win 10. One time the one updates the others while later the second one updates back.

Watching the preview regularly, it seem to be mainly (maybe solely - I am not sure) the reocurring events, which keep being synchronised. Once in a while I am also experiencing conflicts with some of those events. The reason for the conflict is always the busy state, even though I never touch this setting in any of my events.

Maybe this information will help to corner down and solve the issue. Thanks in advance.

PS: I'd be happy to collect and provide more information from previews or conflicts if this was considered helpful.

PPS: I also have one single event in one calendar, which is not being deleted in one of the TB calendars, even though it has been removed in an other one. Manual delete doesn't work either. So it is a Lightning problem, but maybe it has an influence here too (just to mention all experienced weird behaviour)

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