Sync issue with APK + LineageOS 16: "Indentifying..."

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Sync issue with APK + LineageOS 16: "Indentifying..."

Post by bibadirdie »

I'm running a vanilla install of LineageOS 16 (Android 9). Installed the APK from and Windows app from Enabled USB debugging, installed the right drivers, that part works. Then the APK app tells me that Android 9 is too new (?!?) and the app might not work correctly. That indeed seems to be the case:

* The app start, reports "Connected to host".
* Thunderbird plugin reports "Single source ready to synchronize".

So that looks good. But in the BirdieSync Windows application, I see the Thunderbird source on the left (address book etc.), a panel with title "Android" on the right that just says "Identifying...". No change whatever I do.

Do I need a newer version of the APK?


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Re: Sync issue with APK + LineageOS 16: "Indentifying..."

Post by Birdy »

Hello bibadirdie,

The apk to download manually on BirdieSync web site has just been updated to the latest version. So you may install this newer version on your Android device. But the problem may be related to another issue. So if it still doesn't work with this new apk, could you please build a log archive with BirdieSync menu "Help/Archive logs..." and send the full log archive to support(at) ?

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