How to transfer configuration to new machine?

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How to transfer configuration to new machine?

Post by JanDoggen »

I'm installing a new Windows 10 PC and would like to transfer the synchronization settings from the previous Windows 7 PC to the new one. I installed Thunderbird, used MozBackup to transfer all data, installed BirdieSync and set up my account - now what is the next step?

(It does not have to be wireless or something, if I can copy files/folders with USB that would be great already).


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Re: How to transfer configuration to new machine?

Post by Birdy »

Hello Jan,

Here is a way to transfer your Thunderbird profile and BirdieSync configuration from your old PC to your new PC:


Before any operation, I suggest you to backup your data as mentioned in this FAQ topic:

BirdieSync configuration:

First ensure that BirdieSync are not running on the old and new PC: you can exit the program with menu "File/Exit".

If you wish to keep your BirdieSync synchronization configuration, you may copy the following directory to your new PC:

C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\BirdieSync\
(Application Data/AppData is a hidden folder: in explorer window, you must check the option "Show hidden files and folders")

If BirdieSync is not yet installed on your new PC, you need to download it and install it again:

Thunderbird profile:

To transfer all Thunderbird data and so that BirdieSync server recognizes the previous Thunderbird source declared in its Configuration, the best way is to copy Thunderbird profile to the new PC.

Even if you copy Thunderbird profile to a new directory on your new PC, BirdieSync should be able to adapt to the change of Thunderbird profile directory (you should not see the declaration of a new Thunderbird source).
Thunderbird profiles are located here:

C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird
(Application Data/AppData is a hidden folder: in explorer window, you must check the option "Show hidden files and folders")

You may also use MozBackup. In this case ensure that it backups BirdieSync sub-directory in Thunderbird profile (this should be the default choice). Otherwise Thunderbird will be considered as a new source the next time it connects to BirdieSync server and it will be necessary to declare it again and configure the synchronization of this new source.

Android drivers:

If you have an Android device and connect it via USB, you need to install your USB Android driver on the new PC.

First synchronization:

Ensure that the preview of operations before synchronization is enabled: use menu File/Preview options (the option must be checked in blue), or the "Preview operations" icon on the right of the main synchronization progress bar (the button is COLORED if the preview is enabled)

If BirdieSync configuration is the same as on the previous PC and the mobile device and Thunderbird sources were recognized as before (no source should need to be declared again), synchronization should resume since its last synchronization state. Cancel the synchronization in the operation preview window if it's not the case.

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