BirdieSync updated and now all contacts are gone.

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BirdieSync updated and now all contacts are gone.

Post by mrsocks »

Birdie Sync updated and now all the contacts in my list are gone.
Of course I havent backed up a in bit and want to keep the changes I made locally to my contacts.

What needs to be done to find the contacts on my phone?


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Re: BirdieSync updated and now all contacts are gone.

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Hello mrsocks,

When you say "updated", do you mean that you installed a new version of BirdieSync ? If yes, was it on your mobile device or on the PC ?
On which device did you contacts disappeared ?
If you have an Android device, did you uninstall BirdieSync app before reinstalling it ?
If yes, did you store your contacts in BirdieSync local account ?

Unfortunately, if the contacts were deleted on the mobile device, I don't know a way to recover them unless you previously made a backup as recommended in the installation.

Presently I'm not aware of a problem in BirdieSync which could lead to the loss of contacts after an update. While your mobile device is connected, could you please build a log archive with BirdieSync menu "Help/Archive logs..." and send to support(at)


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