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If BirdieSync 3.x constantly replaces your girlfriend's photo with your mother's one, this forum is for you...
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change password

Post by KlaGru »

How can I change the password of my user profile?

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Re: change password

Post by Birdy »

Hello KlaGru,

The user name and password that you need to enter in BirdieSync settings on your mobile device (user name and password) field are the same as in the user that you should have created in BirdieSync server.
Normally when you first launched BirdieSync 3.x server, you should have been asked to create a user with a Display name (not used) and a name and password (used for the connection).
You can view user by pressing Configuration button at the top of BirdieSync server, then select it in the Users column. You can edit its settings with gear menu button at the top right of the list of users, and modify the user name or enter a new password if needed.
Note that the user name and password are only required when using Wi-Fi to connect.
You'll find more information in BirdieSync Help (menu Help/Help) in section "Configuration/User".

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