One Smartphone, two computers

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One Smartphone, two computers

Post by michavo »

Hi there,

I have a principally question: I have an Android Smartphone, a desktop and a notebook computer. I want to sync addressbooks and calendars on these three devices with BirdieSync. I did that for years now with BirdieSync 2. It worked (mostly) fine.

Now the question is: Do you see any problems with BirdieSync 3 in this constellation? Which is the best strategy for syncing? Betwenn the Smartphone and the two computers or with the new feature "Remote computer"?

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Re: One Smartphone, two computers

Post by Birdy »

Hello Michavo,

In my answer, I will consider that your desktop is your main PC and not your notebook (this may be the contrary).
The first question to answer would be, do you need to synchronize your Smartphone with your notebook away from your desktop. Is the answer is often yes, then it would be necessary to synchronize your Smartphone with your Notebook with a new instance of BirdieSync server installed on your Notebook. Unless you can have a remote access to BirdieSync server installed on your desktop. But at the moment, if a confirmation is displayed or if a failure or conflict happens, it is not possible to deal with it on the Smartphone.

But if you don't really need this, then synchronizing Thunderbird on the notebook as a remote Thunderbird is an interesting option. You don't depend on the Smartphone to synchronize your 2 Thunderbird instances together. If you need to synchronize an item from Thunderbird on your Notebook to your Desktop you don't need to connect your Smartphone to your Notebook and then connect it to the desktop to synchronize the items. Taks and mails can be also synchronized together between the 2 Thunderbird instances (you cannot do it through your Smarphone). And there is only one place to configure the whole synchronization.

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