Edit personal ringtone

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Edit personal ringtone

Post by surftier »

i use birdiesync on Android Galaxie s5 Mini.
In the Device contactlist i can edit a Personal ringtone for each contact, but in the Birdiesync contactlist there is no input field. How does it work?

Thanks for help

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Re: Edit personal ringtone

Post by Birdy »

Hello Andre,

The default local Phone account on your Samsung device may have more contact fields supported than BirdieSync account. So you may select the Phone account to be synchronized in BirdieSync app settings, select it as the default contact account (so that new contacts synchronized from Thunderbird are synchronized in this account), and then create contacts in the local Phone account.
But note that it you delete a contact on the Samsung device and replace it with a contact from Thunderbird, you should loose the Personal ringtone. But a simple modification of the contact synchronized from Thunderbird shouldn't impact the Personal ringtone.

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