Sync not working properly

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Sync not working properly

Post by KRR355 »

I'm using BirdieSync; Thunderbird 31.3.0, Lightning 3.3.2; Windows 7 64 bit on my desktop.

Issues: When I make calendar entries in Thunderbird, it will Sync to my device, but entries made on my device will not appear in Thunderbird. I do have it set to sync both ways.

Thunderbird Calendar frequently acts strange. I created a calendar in Thunderbird and named it "Primary". I frequently get an error message that says, "The calendar Primary is momentarily not available". My events frequently disappear from the calendar, then will reappear. I get error messages that tell me that there was an error writing to the calendar. This is usually followed by my calendar being set to "Read Only" mode, which I have to manually change. Not sure if these issues are Thunderbird / Lightning issues, or issues with BirdieSync.

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Re: Sync not working properly

Post by Birdy »

Hello KRR355,

If your mobile device calendars are not synchronized (assuming you have an iPhone or an Android device) from the mobile device to Thunderbird, this may be because the calendars where you created the events are not selected to be synchronized.

I would suggest you to have a look at one of this FAQ entry (available in BirdieSync support section):

Calendar or event is not synchronized from the Android device to Thunderbird
Calendar or event is not synchronized from the iPhone to Thunderbird

Let me know if you still have problems.

Is your "Primary" calendar a local or remote calendar ? The kind of error you mention may let me think it's a remote calendar. If an error occurs when writing in a remote calendar, Lightning may set the calendar in "read only" mode.
Check that you have the latest versions of the Lightning and Calendar Provider for Google (if you use it).
If you have the problem when synchronizing with BirdieSync, then we may have a look at logs to see if this kind of errors is related to a specific kind of event.

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