Moving Thunderbird / Lightning to new PC

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Moving Thunderbird / Lightning to new PC

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Moving Thunderbird and Lightning contacts and events to new PC, after having transferred the whole profile: can this be done without the need for BirdieSync to activate a full re-synch operation between the android device and the PC?

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Re: Moving Thunderbird / Lightning to new PC

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Hello gmt,

Actually, in current version of BirdieSync ( avoiding a full resynchronization requires two conditions:
- BirdieSync preferences should have been transfered to the new PC (in Windows user AppData directory, but it could sometimes lead to problem because of the ownership and persmission changes on the files...)
- The path of Thunderbird profile path should be strictly identical (otherwise all Thunderbird items will be considered as new items)

Note that if you do a full new resynchronization, it's usually better to have an up-to-date Thunderbird and replace your Android device items with Thunderbird ones to avoid any duplicates.


Re: Moving Thunderbird / Lightning to new PC

Post by Spider »

Don't forget !!!!!!!!

Always take a backup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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