iPhone iOS 7.1 calendar US Holidays

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iPhone iOS 7.1 calendar US Holidays

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This is a "heads-up" for those of you who keep your holidays in a separate calendar and update your iPhone operating system to iOS 7.1. Apple, in their generosity, has now provided a country specific Holiday Calendar as a subscribed calendar in the new software version. This can cause a problem with sync between Thunderbird/Lightning and the iPhone if you already have a calendar in Thunderbird that has the same name as the new one that Apple creates for you (and won't let you delete). I ended up with 2 calendars on my iPhone named "US Holidays", and when I ran a sync I ended up with a large number of Unresolved Items.
I resolved the issue by renaming the Thunderbird calendar "USA Holidays" and hiding the "US Holidays" calendar on the iPhone. The Apple boards are full of comments on how you cannot delete a subscribed calendar, calling it a bug in iOS 7.1.
Regards, Mike
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Re: iPhone iOS 7.1 calendar US Holidays

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Hello Mike,

Thank you for sharing this information ! I guess that Apple "US Holidays" was read only which could explain why you got unresolved items when synchronizing. What is weird, is that if you have 2 calendars with the same name on your iPhone and selected to be synchronized, BirdieSync should have displayed an error about it since it cannot know which one you want to synchronize...

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