Lightning Tasks <-> iPhone Reminders sync

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Lightning Tasks <-> iPhone Reminders sync

Post by ChrisDriver »

Can you please allow BirdieSync to sync Lightning Tasks with iPhone Reminders.

I see the Android people are also asking for something very similar. Please make this happen :)

This is my only real criticism of BirdieSync and thanks for a great product.

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Re: Lightning Tasks <-> iPhone Reminders sync

Post by Hamsa »

Is there any plan to add this functionality for iOS?

The BirdieSync FAQs ( ... -and-mails) state:
Apple has only provided technology to third-party developers to manage "Reminders" (tasks) since iOS 6.0. Synchronization of tasks may be provided in the future.
That is a VERY long time ago.

I think lots of BirdieSync users would like this functionality. Otherwise we can't use Lightning Tasks. Setting these kinds of items up as Calendar events is a cumbersome/non-ideal solution.

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Re: Lightning Tasks <-> iPhone Reminders sync

Post by Butterfly »

This is a very good suggestion, I need it so much. I hope they can do it!

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