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Alternative Payment Methods

If you don't want to use PayPal, there are alternative methods to register. Note that these payment methods are usually slower than using PayPal because of the time needed to transfer the money and to treat the payment.

The cost of the license is 19.95 € per user or 9.95 € if you upgrade your previous license.

This price includes VAT for European individuals and French companies and excludes VAT for European companies (not French) or non Europeans.

Registration information:

Please fill the following form to receive IBAN/BIC information by email (ensure that mails from will not be considered as spam):

Payment methods
Presently, only Bank transfer is available.
License information
Please, enter the number of licenses you want to purchase and if you buy a new license or upgrade a previous one (in which case you will be asked later for your previous license information).
User information
Please enter your name, email and if you are a private individual or a company. It is only necessary to enter your VAT intra community number if you are a European company liable to VAT.
Postal address
Please enter your postal address. This information is used for the invoice.
Additional information
If needed, you may add any additional information in the comment field.