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ActiveSync deletes all my items on the mobile device when I unselect an Outlook category or delete the partnership.

This problem appeared with Windows Mobile 6.x devices and is caused by ActiveSync or the Windows Mobile Device Center. BirdieSync has no control over it.

If you setup a new partnership and select Outlook "contacts", "calendar", "tasks" or "e-mails" synchronization, then after the synchronization:

- If you unselect one of this Outlook category, it will delete all its items on the mobile device.
- If you delete the whole partnership, it will delete all the items of this Outlook category on the mobile device when you connect it (even before setting up a new partnership) if your Outlook category is not synchronized with another computer within another partnership.

You should see a warning informing you about it when you unselect the Outlook category or delete the partnership.

So on Windows Mobile 6.0, be careful if you have an Outlook category ("contacts", "calendar", "tasks" or "e-mails") selected for synchronization that you unselect or if you delete your partnership: it can delete all the items in this category on your mobile device. If you unselect a category and these mobile items were simultaneously synchronized with Thunderbird or Sunbird, these deletions will be automatically propagated to Thunderbird or Sunbird (by the usual synchronization process) which is very likely not that you want.

If your items were not previously synchronized with Thunderbird or Sunbird, it is recommended to backup them on the mobile device with a tool like PPCPimBackup. Then you'll be able to restore them after the deletion.

If you had synchronized with Thunderbird or Sunbird before unselecting Outlook category, it is recommended to delete the partnership to prevent from propagating the deletions to Thunderbird or Sunbird. Then the items will be restored from Thunderbird or Sunbird at next synchronization after you establish a new partnership.

In any case, please backup your data before unselecting Outlook categories !