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Synchronize Thunderbird

Synchronize your Android, iPhone or Pocket PC with Thunderbird and Sunbird

Sync Contacts, Calendar, Tasks & Mails*

Your information is always up to date between your PC and your smartphone.

* Depending on your device type

Efficient & Reliable

Synchronization engine is efficient and reliable. It just works.

Easy to Setup

Configure it once and forget it, it will run just fine.

Keep Your Data Private

Data is not stored in the cloud. It is directly synchronized between your device and your desktop through a secure connection.

Your software is amazing, but your customer service is even better.

Dustin H. Allen - USA

Very good soft, stable, efficient, easy to use and configure ! I never lost a contact or an appointment.

Nicolas Ulysse - Canada

Birdiesync saved me a lot of hassle - it just works. I'm happy with this software, thanks for writing it.

Trent Reschny - Canada