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How to get "First name Last name" or "Last name, First name" in synchronized contact Display name

BirdieSync options to synchronize "Display name"

The way the contact "Display name" is managed can differ on the mobile device and in Thunderbird.

In order to manage all these situations, BirdieSync offers dedicated options to select how the "Display name" must be synchronized to the mobile device and to Thunderbird. Open BirdieSync options in Thunderbird (menu "Tools/BirdieSync/Options ..."), "Contact" panel, "Miscellaneous" tab, "Display name" group. You'll find various options on how the "Display name" should be synchronized to the mobile device and Thunderbird. You may also refer to BirdieSync help for more information.

Display name in Thunderbird

The "Display name" is automatically generated in Thunderbird when you enter a new contact. It's "First name Last name" by default but can be edited to another value.

Using "Display name" is not mandatory to order and display the contact list in Thunderbird. If you don't need to assign specific values in the "Display name" field, different from the First name and Last name, you may simply ignore the "Display name" field and change the way the contact list is displayed. To do this, open Thunderbird address book, then select menu "View/Show Name As" and select "First name Last name" or "Last name, First name".

Display name on Android devices

On Android devices, the way the "Display name" is managed depends on the manufacturer:

On some Android devices, the "Display name" is always set to "First name Last name", even if you can choose if you want to sort the contacts by their First name or Last name in the stock contact application. In that case, you may either synchronize Thunderbird "Display name" on the device and synchronize it back (knowing that it could change if you edit the first name or last name of the Android contact). Or you could choose to force the "Display name" to be "First name Last name" or "Last name First name" when synchronized to Thunderbird.

On some other devices (HTC for instance), you can choose if you want to set the "Display name" to "First name Last name" or "Last name, First name". So choose to synchronize the "Display name" to the mobile device according to your usual choice. And synchronize it back to Thunderbird.

Display name on the iPhone

There is no "Display name" on the iPhone. So you may want to generate the "Display name" in Thunderbird thanks to BirdieSync options.