Release of BirdieSync

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Release of BirdieSync

Post by Birdy » Tue Sep 11, 2007 4:59 pm


Please refer carefully to the documentation to know more about new changes regarding mail synchronization
Although BirdieSync was heavily tested, please, do backups of your Thunderbird or Sunbird profile !


- Synchronization of mail accounts with their own folder tree (Inbox, Sent, etc.) independent from "Local Folders"
- Synchronization of IMAP accounts
- Synchronization of sub-folders
- Synchronization of Outboxes to send mail from the mobile
- When the name of a mail folder is changed, it remains synchronized

Users who tried BirdieSync previously can test these new features during an additional week of trial period

Bug corrections:

- Installing BirdieSync on a storage card could lead to problems. It is no longer possible
- On Windows Mobile 2003, if a task had no start date in Sunbird/Lightning, it leaded to an unresolved item
- Some duplicated events were not removed
- Synchronizing some event could lead to an "Attention required"
- Windows Mobile Device Center could not be stopped during installation
- Windows Mobile device uninstallation improved.

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