Patch for the Google calendar provider

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Patch for the Google calendar provider

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If you want to use BirdieSync with the Google calendar provider 0.2.1, it is necessary to patch it to correct some issues.
Download calGoogleCalendar.js and calGoogleSession.js and after backuping the original file closes Thunderbird or Sunbird and install it in:


C:\Documents and Settings\<users name>\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\<profile id>\extensions\{a62ef8ec-5fdc-40c2-873c-223b8a6925cc}\js


C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Mozilla\Sunbird\Profiles\<profile id>\extensions\{a62ef8ec-5fdc-40c2-873c-223b8a6925cc}\js

Caution: Be aware that at this stage, Google calendar is still in develoment and not yet finalized. It means that it has a lot of restrictions (for instance recurring appointments are not properly supported) and that of course, it will have incidence on BirdieSync behavior: some events could not succeed in synchronizing properly. Only the first occurence of recurring event will be synchronized from Google and all day recurrent will appear not synchronized.

Also, don't define the Google calendar as your default calendar if you use task synchronization as it doesn't support task.

This patch was released for the Google calendar provider 0.2.1 Don't use it with another version.