Duplicated contacts

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Duplicated contacts

Post by gcastro » Tue Aug 02, 2016 11:59 pm

I am having duplicated contacts in my phone (Galaxy Note 4)

1. Upgraded TB to 45.2.0, Installed BSYNC
2. Setup TB as a local connection to TB, added only My address Book and Calendar
3. Factory reset the phone, added google account to access the Play Store, Installed BirdieSync, configure my server with user and password
4. Connect the phone to BSYNC server
5. Configure contacts as "Each contact account represents an address book" and I choose the phone account as the target for contacts
6. Set phone to receive contacts, not sync
7. Set TB to send Contacts only, not sync
8. Syncronization happens without errors

However a lot of my contacts (most of them but not all) are duplicated. I do not see 2 contacts as they are linked, but if I enter the ocntact I can see 2 blue phone icons meaning there are 2 linked contacts.

I have not been able to find out why some contacts are duplicated and others no.

The history shows only 1 contact was sent to the phone.

Not sure what files I can send you to try to find out what the problem is

Best regards and thanks

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Re: Duplicated contacts

Post by Birdy » Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:01 pm

Hello gcastro,

When you said that you chose the "Phone" account where to synchronized your contacts, did you select "Phone" or "vnd.sec.contact.phone" ?

Could you tell me in which account your contacts are located on your Android device ?

You may check the content of each account in BirdieSync on the PC.
Connect your Android device with BirdieSync.
Select Configuration view in BirdieSync on the PC.
Select your Android source in "Sources" column
Select "Contacts" in "Contents" column.
Select one of your address book (a contact account in your case)
Ensure that menu "View/Display folder items" is checked
On the right, you should see the list of contacts of the selected address book (you may press the Refresh icon to get the latests contacts).
You may refer to BirdieSync help (menu Help/Help...) section "Configuration/Item view" for more information.

This way you may check the content of each account and see if you have duplicates inside the same account, or spread among several accounts.

Also when editing each linked contact in the Contact app on your Android device, you should see in which account the contacts is located (for instance Device/Phone or Google).


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Re: Duplicated contacts

Post by gcastro » Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:39 pm


Thanks a lot for your answer, I have found the reason for the problem: It seems in my very first attempt to use 3.x, I choose "The whole source represents a single address book". This was done before I did a clean installation in my phone and so birdiesync grab all Whatsapp contacts.

Since Whastapp contacts are organizes as First Name, Last Name instead of my default Last Name, First Name, I did not see in Thunderbird that my contacts were now suplicated.

I did a good cleanup and now everything is fine. I love the new functionality. The configuration needs some way to make it easier :-).

Thansk a lot

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