Old Calendar Events keep getting synchronized

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Old Calendar Events keep getting synchronized

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I noticed that synchronizations had a count greater than I expected, so I ran the next one with Preview turned on. What I found was many Events from the past, that were getting re-synchronized unexpectedly.`

Here is an example from the Preview report:

Action______Content__Description_________________________________________On source___On folder_____From source_____From folder

Modification Event......2019-11-11 10:00 - 2019-11-11 11:00 Change Infusion Set...default.......Medications.....Mike iPhone XR....Medications

Reason given: The event was modified in event calendar "Medications" in source "Mike iPhone XR"

This event was created in Thunderbird (in the default profile) in the Medications calendar as a Repeating Event with an expiration date defined (repeats every 2 days). It was created in November of 2019 and has not been edited in either side since that time. So I was not expecting to see this synchronization process now.

Do you have an explanation for this behavior?
Regards, Mike
Michael Duncan

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