Sync Preview Information Can't Be Deleted

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Sync Preview Information Can't Be Deleted

Post by dennisbrennan » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:15 am

During a Sync operation, there is a moment when BirdieSync presents a "Preview of Synchronization Operations" window. Mine is showing 3 operations which, if I could somehow send you a screen shot, you could get a better feel for this annoying thing. The three syncs all have the same date and are all the same. How can I get rid of this screen?
Also, how do I get to the screen that allows me to set the sync schedule? I remember seeing it during installation, but I think I made a couple of bad decisions and I would like to return to that screen to do it right.

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Re: Sync Preview Information Can't Be Deleted

Post by Birdy » Tue Mar 14, 2017 4:19 pm

Hello dennisbrennan,

If you want that the "Preview of operations" window is not displayed at the beginning of each synchronization, click on the "magnifying glass" button on the right of the synchronization progress bar, or untick menu "File/Preview operations".
But note that by default, if you are up to delete at least 10 items during the synchronization, this window will still be displayed (you can tune up the threshold in menu "File/Options...").

You may find more information in BirdieSync Help (menu Help/Help) in section "Synchronization/Operation preview".

When you say synchronization schedule, do you mean synchronization frequency ? If yes, open BirdieSync menu "File/Options...". You may then set if you wish to manually launch the synchronization of synchronize every x minutes/hours.

You may find more information in BirdieSync Help (menu Help/Help) in section "Synchronization/Synchronization options".

This setting should not be displayed at installation time or the first time you declare a source. So I'm not sure you were talking about that. Let me know if you were referring to something else.

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