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Exchange sync

Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 6:19 pm
by klapanciusz
There is now a provider for Exchange server as add-on for Thunderbird/Lightning and Sunbird. This means that I can see the Exchange calendar as one of my calendars - only now I cannot sync it. Actually I am not sure what would happen if I synced my Lightning calendars (which are mostly Google calendars) with my PDA and also with the Exchange server - I simply do not dare to try it. I tried to select my Exchange calendar to sync via Birdiesync as my other calendars but it returns infinite enumeration and actually my Exchange items disappear from the view. I know that the Exchange provider is in its early stages - but are there any plans to include these calendars into Birdiesync? That would actually complete Thunderbird/Lightning as an Outlook replacement. Any plans down the pipe? Thanks!