Upgrade Problem

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Upgrade Problem

Post by kevinlech »

I have a desktop PC running Vista and and htc touch pro. They have been working fine using birdiesync for many months. I decided to try and use my mobile with my laptop, which runs windows 7. I downloaded the program from the birdiesync site, installed it new on the laptop and when starting a sync, was told the mobile must be updated to the current driver (the mobile an my desktop are one point below currend birdiesync).

I downloaded the new driver to the desktop and went to install it. The birdiesync install gets to the screen about closing the mobile device center, then I get an error message "Impossible to stop the Windows Mobile Device Center".


I would like to have my mobile sync with both my laptop (used at home and on remote) and my desktop (fixed at my office location). Is this possible? Any issues, if I can make this update work?

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Re: Upgrade Problem

Post by Birdy »

Hello kevinlech,

Which version of BirdieSync did you try to install ? (menu "Help/About...")
Which version of Thunderbird do you use ?

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